• Devraji Premchand Public School

School Flag

School flag is of white colour. White is not a colour but manifestation of the presence of all colours. The complete energy of light is represented by WHITE. White stands for wholeness, completeness and truth. With white we represent complete energy. White colour flag with D.P.P.S. emblem is the presentation of energy of all four houses ASHOKA -The Winners, ARJUN- The Conquerors, KIRTI- The Victorious and SHAURYA -The Triumphants, as well as each member of D.P.P.S.

Symbols :-

Sun – Bright Future

Sun Rays- Fame in all directions

Nuclear Sign- Extreme Education in Science and Technologies

Flute- Cultural Perfection

Open Book (A to Z) - Complete Knowledge

Trophy / Cup – Achievement in Sports

Computer – Global Information with Technologies

Colour :-

SHAURYA- The Triumphants (Blue House)-- Colour of Peace, Youth and Truth

KIRTI - The Victorious (Green House) – Colour of Life, Nature & Growth

ARJUN- The Conquerors (Red House) – Colour of Strength, Vitality, Courage

ASHOKA - The Winners (Yellow House) – Colour of Intellectual energy, Wisdom