House details

  • Devraji Premchand Public School

Name and colour of houses with their meaning

Colour :-

SHAURYA- The Triumphants (Blue House)-- Colour of Peace, Youth and Truth

KIRTI - The Victorious (Green House) – Colour of Life, Nature & Growth

ARJUN- The Conquerors (Red House) – Colour of Strength, Vitality, Courage

ASHOKA - The Winners (Yellow House) – Colour of Intellectual energy, Wisdom

ASHOKA HOUSE: - The Winners

Ashoka - The great emperor, always the winner, Award by Indian Government given for perfection in fighting for Peace. It supports peace as well as the enthusiasm for fighting spirit. This fighting spirit is very much required in game activities as well as other competitions held at various levels in terms of house Activities. The colour for this house is Yellow which gives a meaning of Wisdom, Joy and Happiness, It represents intellectual energy. The best suitable name for this house is same as the name itself clarifies the intellect of Ashoka the Great.

Symbol for Yellow House Flag is Face of Lion again the King.

The name is better given by ASHOKA House - The Winners.

ARJUN HOUSE: - The Conquerors

Arjun is a better word to define concentration. Award by Indian Government given to the players for their best performances in various games. We all know the importance of concentration in sports as well as the concept of leadership, power and control required for various game activities.

The perfect defining colour of these qualities is Red which itself shows action in spite of words, gives the meaning of Confidence, Courage and specially Vitality. In general Red colour symbolises Life and vitality.

Symbol for Red House Flag is Bow and arrow with a well-defined target.

The name is good as ARJUN House- The Conquerors

KIRTI HOUSE: - The Victorious

Fame is very well associated word with success. Award by Indian Government to those who achieve success with great achievement. Fame is the fruit of hard-work followed by success, but for this , Discipline and concentration both are required. To fight with all problems and rise with bright colours is the main theme of this house and rise to cover the whole universe with its glow is the aim of KIRTI house. The best colour for this is Green. Green colour symbolises Nature & Growth. Green colour says Growth –Balance-Harmony.

Symbol for Green House is Sun Spreading its shine all around it symbolizes Desire to expand or increase.

The name suits as KIRTI House- The Victorious.

SHAURYA HOUSE: - The Triumphants

Strength shown in adverse situations is wonderful reason for what this award is awarded by Indian Government. Shaurya means power which always should be used in a balanced and intellectual way. These are the very preliminary requirements of Sports.

The Best colour to define all these properties is Blue. Blue colour represents Youth and spirituality, truth and Peace, High Ideals. Blue colour represents Inspiration-Sincerity -Spirituality.

Symbol for Blue House is Seven Horses able to remove all hurdles.

The best suitable name for this house is SHAURYA House- The Triumphants.