• Devraji Premchand Public School

Bus/ Conveyance Rule

It is requested to read the following rules and regulation carefully before availing the bus facility from the school and if there is any doubt then clarify the same from the school office.

1. Bus stoppages are already fixed by the school, parents must check thoroughly the place, area & locations as per convenience for their own ward before submitting the bus fee as no changes in the same would be made for individual Interest.

2. . It is a responsibility of the parents to send their ward at their signated bus stop at least five minutes before the scheduled time. Unpunctuality may lead to missing of the school bus.

3. Any complain regarding the bus, driver or conductor has to be reported to the school office only & not to the bus employees.

4.Every parent must guide to their ward how to board in & out of the school bus.

5. The students must keep their head & hands inside the school bus. They have to maintain silence in the bus. Students must not fight with each other inside the bus. The students are not allowed to play game/s inside the bus nor are they allowed to talk nonsense or abuse each other in any circumstances. Anyone found doing so will be punished and their bus facility will be withdrawn.

6. Every parent must impart knowledge to their ward about bus no., driver name & conductor name etc. in their own interest.

7. Parents or their relative must avoid using the bus facility for their personal cause.

8. Every student must take care of the bus property. If they damage the bus property in any manner then parents will have to pay the fine apart from the cost of actual damage done by their ward.

9. Parents have to pay bus fee for twelve months. Applications pertaining to concessions in the school bus fee will not be entertained. Parents are advised not to waste the time of school authorities discussing such matters.

10. School bus will not be stopped randomly even on the request the students to fetch water from road side. Students must check their water bottle before boarding school bus. Similarly school bus will not be stopped for toilet purposes of the students, so students must get relieved before boarding the school bus.

11. Change of address has to be communicated to the school authorities so that bus facility, if possible can be provided to the students at the new address.

12. School is not responsible for payment of any claim arising out of any accident/ mishappening with the child while traveling by bus. School will not be responsible for the same.

13. Transport fee will increase or decrease as per diesel or petrol price.


  • Summer:
    8:10 a.m. to 2:10 p.m.

  • Winter:
    8:45 a.m. to 2:10 p.m.
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